The Company Can Provide Supporting Technology And Equipment For The Aluminum-Magnesium Metallurgy Industry.


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Zhengzhou Yuzhong Aluminum and Magnesium Equipment Co., LTD. is a manufacturing enterprise specialized in providing supporting technology and equipment for aluminum-magnesium metallurgy industry.As a private enterprise rooted in Zhengzhou and looking around the world, Yuzhong always adheres to the enterprise spirit of "innovation, integrity and far" and the business philosophy of "pursuing excellence and advocating perfection". Relying on the wisdom of reform and innovation, yuzhong has made remarkable achievements and its business has spread all over the country.

Today's Yuzhong company is more intelligent and mature after more than ten years of trials and tribulations from the pioneering period to the modern professional enterprise, after a brilliant initial period, severe adjustment period, steady development period!

Positive enterprising, pragmatic innovation, let yuzhong company full of vitality;Culture governs the enterprise, scientific management, causes the Yuzhong company foundation to be evergreen.At the same time, yuzhong company is full of gratitude, "pay attention to customers, care for employees, give back to the society, return to the country", take the initiative to shoulder social responsibilities.

Prepared for the future, and all the people with the same dream, standing at a new historical starting line, with unprecedented courage and determination to implement the idea of the whole enterprise and organizational transformation, will increase the management level of enterprises to new heights of internationalization requirements, to build a competitive specialized enterprise continue efforts!

In the new course, Yuzhong company will fulfill its mission, aspire to serve the country, strive to explore the way of enterprise reform and development, and make unremitting efforts to promote the strong and prosperous development of the enterprise, and contribute to social progress!