The Company Can Provide Supporting Technology And Equipment For The Aluminum-Magnesium Metallurgy Industry.


Zhengzhou Yuzhong Aluminum and Magnesium Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Shangjie District, Zhengzhou City, with a business license registration number of 91410106170275461P. It was founded in 1992. The company can provide supporting technology and equipment for the aluminum-magnesium metallurgy industry. The main products are: aluminum melting and casting equipment (inner-guided, external-guided hydraulic casting machine and its tooling), non-standard equipment for aluminum smelting.

Our company covers an area of 121.67 acres (81032㎡), of which the building area is 17,500㎡. The company has seven departments including technical design department, quality management department, marketing department, office, finance department, engineering project department and pressure vessel manufacturing project department, and four workshops including casting, riveting, machining, and steel structure production. Casting equipment, machining equipment, cutting equipment, welding equipment, cold work equipment, correction equipment, rust removal equipment, heat treatment equipment, machining equipment and lifting equipment required for pressure vessel manufacturing, steel structure and non-standard equipment production and installation The total number of mechanical equipment is 247 and the total power of mechanical equipment is 6995 KW.

Design room is equipped with a full set of CAD computer-aided design systems and a large database, which can undertake the design of various special products, non-standard products, new product design R & D, trial production, and negotiation and formulation of technical solutions.

We have established a mechanical performance testing room, a transillumination room, a material analysis room, a welding laboratory, etc., equipped with X-ray flaw detectors, ultrasonic flaw detectors, surface flaw detection, lifting load test benches, universal testing machines and steel chemical composition analyzers The testing equipment can meet the requirements for multi-element analysis, equipment manufacturing testing, pressure vessel manufacturing and steel structure engineering testing of various metal materials for mechanical and technical performance testing and analysis research, finished products and incoming materials testing.

There are 343 employees in the company, including 46 professionals with various professional qualifications, including 6 with professional titles, 18 with intermediate titles, 16 with junior titles, and quality assurance engineers for pressure vessel manufacturing. Holds the "Quality Assurance Engineer Qualification Certificate", and the personnel engaged in the design of special equipment have the "Design Approval Qualification Certificate", with the equipment manufacturing and steel structure manufacturing and installation required certificates of crane workers, welders, quality inspection and non-destructive testing 84 people.

A quality systemcompany based on the GB / T19001-2000idt ISO9001 2000 standard has established: In October 2002, it passed the certification of the China Fangyuan Certification Committee. The company holds the "Special Equipment Manufacturing License of the People's Republic of China (Pressure Vessel)" and the "Special Equipment Design License of the People's Republic of China (Pressure Vessel)" issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Quarantine; Enterprise Qualification "and" Safety Production License for Construction Enterprises ".