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China will usher in the golden age of the development of cast aluminum alloy sheet


Nov 19,2019



The market is the end goal of an industry product. In order to achieve the healthy and rapid development of the industry, it is necessary to fully understand the rules and principles of market consumption, especially for the cast aluminum industry.
Any industry can only survive in a healthy and smooth way and keep a good space for development if it complies with the requirements of market development.
At present, the foundry industries in various countries in the world are more or less affected by the current economic development situation, and the development of the foundry industry in each country has entered a period of slow development. Affected by the economic crisis, the global economic development is obviously slow. Especially for the real economy of casting, its market demand is severely affected, making the development of the casting industry difficult to maintain. Casting manufacturers in many countries are caused by poor demand Most of its domestic enterprises have ceased production or even went bankrupt. At the same time, the trade between the international foundry industries has decreased. In this case, governments of various countries have taken relevant measures to do their best to protect the interests of domestic foundry companies. .
The consumption of the cast aluminum market in China mainly has the following principles: It is required that the sealing effect of cast aluminum products is good, the welding process is meticulous, and at the same time, pollution is small. Only by fully understanding these market development needs can the cast aluminum industry produce related products in accordance with market requirements, and such products can be accepted and recognized by the market.
"In the next five years, China will usher in a golden period for the development of cast aluminum alloy sheet materials." Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold, Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association, said that aluminum alloy materials are new materials that are the key development of China's precision casting industry. It will also be widely used in other industries, especially the automotive, aerospace, and mold industries.
With the rapid development of these related industries, the development of cast aluminum alloy materials has also formed a benign industrial chain. The advantages of lightweighting and casting will also allow aluminum alloy materials to enter more and more industries to replace the previous materials. Its development is greatly favored in these industries. Luo Baihui said that China's cast aluminum alloy industry will become a major supporting industry in China.
China's casting industry urgently needs to improve economic benefits
The development of China's foundry industry in the past two years is mainly reflected in the increase in the output of castings. At present, China's casting output has become the world's largest. Large provinces with an annual output of over 2 million tons in Shandong and Jiangsu have emerged, and strong provinces with an annual output of over 1 million tons in Liaoning, Shanxi and Zhejiang.
Mould expert Luo Baihui believes that the rapid development of China's machinery industry is the main driving force for the significant increase in the output of castings. For example, the weight ratio of castings of machine tools, general machinery, metallurgical mining equipment, etc. is more than half of this type of machinery. Each truck needs about 1 ton of castings, and each Audi requires 250 kg of aluminum. casting. However, due to the price increase of raw materials, the economic benefits of China's foundry industry are not optimistic. Strengthening management, further reducing costs, and improving enterprise efficiency will be important issues that the entire industry must solve this year and now.